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Well I was reminded tonight why I prefer the Macintosh over other platforms.  I built a new machine running Windows 7 to host my virtual machine repository.  Since I wanted maximum speed for the connection, I bought a Western Digital MyBook Home 1.5TB during one of the Boxing Week sales because it had eSATA.  It also has USB2 and FireWire 400.  I really dislike USB2 as a disk connection because when the volume gets up there it’s just so darn pokey.  FireWire 400 is better but neither the drive, nor the machine (yet) has a FireWire 800 port.  Hence eSATA.  3GB/s should be more than fast enough. 

The drive is inexpensive and while nowhere near the speed of a Caviar Black in a third party enclosure, the price was right.  But there’s an issue.  I’ve learned by plenty of web research that Windows 7 consistently misses seeing eSATA connected drives.  I’ve posted questions to WD and to Microsoft but see that I’m not the only person with the issue, it’s not unique to WD drive enclosures and there is apparently no solution out there.

Now I still believe strongly in Windows 7, if you must run Windows.  But don’t expect any good news for connecting external SATA drives.  Internal drives work fine.  If I get this fixed or find a solution I will update the post, but in the interim, save yourself pain and anguish and don’t bother trying to use Windows 7 with an eSATA device.  By the way, I have exactly the same drive plugged into my Mac Pro as my Time Machine target and it works very well indeed.Tags: , ,

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