Inclusion And Diversity

We value diversity and inclusion and actively promote it through the recruitment and engagement processes.

We incorporate finding candidates from non-traditional sources and advises clients on building and running an inclusive process to attract diverse talent. We undertake continuous training to recognize bias and challenge ourselves to think differently. We value diversity in all its forms and believe strongly in the powerful impact of empowering individuals to bring their whole selves to work.

Identifying diverse talent

Our approach is to actively seek out diverse candidates, helping our clients to
increase representation across all protected characteristics in their recruitment
efforts, and also to promote diversity in other areas such as socio-economic
background. Studies indicate that diverse leadership teams perform better, and we
can adapt our search, assessment, and shortlisting processes to cater to specific
inclusion and diversity criteria.

Our in-house team brings a wealth of experience in identifying candidates from a
variety of sources beyond traditional networking sites, enabling us to locate a diverse
range of candidates.

Attracting diverse talent

We guide our clients on developing and implementing an inclusive recruitment
process that spans from defining the role profile to assessing, interviewing, and
extending job offers.

We go the extra mile to attract diverse talent and adopt a highly individualized
approach to engage with each candidate. Our approach encompasses the use of
inclusive language, imagery, and communication, as well as articulating flexible
benefits and compensation packages that suit the candidate’s needs.

Furthermore, we provide pledge to individuals from underrepresented groups that we shall endeavour to increase their chance of interviewing as part of our efforts to promote diversity and inclusion.

Fairness at every step

We have adopted a proactive approach to reduce bias by adopting a philosophy of
continuous training and implementing a clear framework. We are well-versed in
distinguishing between positive action and positive discrimination, and we advise
clients on strategies that foster increased representation through recruitment.

Our commitment to regular training sessions that cover topics such as recognizing
and addressing bias, understanding market trends, and equality legislation has
enabled us to challenge ourselves and our clients to think differently. We encourage
our clients to look beyond conventional talent pools and consider candidates from
unconventional sources.

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